Review: Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Okay, I just finished this game and it’s still pretty fresh in my mind so I’m going to tell you about it.

So EA was having a sale on their games in the PlayStation Store so I got this and a couple other games as well. “Why not?” I always tell myself. I’m always up to try something new.

I finished this game in about 6 hours with just doing the story. I haven’t done any side missions or anything. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a 1st person platformer adventure game set in a city of glass controlled by the Kruger Sec company that monitors the people of the city with bracelets called “GridLink” and there is no freedom. You play as the main character, Faith Conners, that just released from jail to be met by a runner named Icarus and he destroys Faith’s GridLink so she can escape the control and rebel against the Kruger Sec company and restore freedom to the city.

This game is very fast-paced because you are seriously running and doing parkour around the city. There is no walking and you stay on the rooftops. If you fall off the roof, you die. There are KrugerSec security guards on the rooftops and you can avoid them or attack them, depending on the mission you are doing. The combat system was not my favorite. It felt clunky and I was just kicking and running away.

The graphics and visuals are stunning though. I loved the cutscenes because the characters looked so real. It was amazing. I also like the chill trance music in the background. Totally captures the futuristic mood of the game.

I feel like Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is more of a prequel because it captures more of Faith’s history and her childhood. Overall, it was a fun game, not my favorite combat system but the fast-paced gameplay and interesting story make up for it.

Have you guys played Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst?

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