Collector’s Edition Unboxing: Just Cause 3

So I recently got the Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition and I’m going to show you what I got~

First, let me tell you that my last collector’s edition that I got was the Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector’s Edition when it released at GameStop back in 2012 and it’s been about 5 years now so opening a Collector’s Edition now made cry and I felt like a child on Christmas morning.

But I am going to talk about the Just Cause 3 Collector’s Edition so here we go!


Inside the Collector’s Edition is a Just Cause 3 Day One Edition, The official map of Just Cause 3, The Art of Just Cause 3, and the Grappling Hook replica used in the game.





I’m pretty excited. The art is beautiful and I haven’t played the game so I know nothing about this grappling hook but I’m excited to see how it works in the game. The grappling hook also fits on my arm so that’s cool.

I also got the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Collector’s Edition on the same day but I’m going to do a separate post about it.

Have you played Just Cause 3?

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