Review: Soma

Have you ever played Frictional Games’ Amnesia: The Dark Descent and liked it? Then you’ll love their recent game, Soma.

Unlike Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Soma takes place in an abandoned underwater research facility in the Atlantic Ocean. Soma released for the PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015. This is a 1st person survival horror where you have to hide from disgusting monsters and do some puzzle-solving to reach the next area. There is no combat.

The underwater research facility is known as PATHOS-II and you play as the main character, Simon Jarrett, who was involved in a car accident in Toronto which gave him brain damage. Simon then agrees to do a brain scan with Dr. Munshi, who was working on a way to fix brain damage. During the scan, Simon suddenly blacks out and when he wakes up, he ends up on PATHOS-II at site Upsilon.

This game truly defines psychological horror and I have never felt so paranoid. Without the use of a combat system, you do feel powerless, but at least you can use stealth to hide away from the monsters that roam the halls.

The graphics and visuals are absolutely stunning. I love the atmosphere of the game and the more notes and audio tapes you find, the more the story unfolds and gets deeper and this story is one of my favorites. Literally left my mouth open the entire time. Honestly if you love a really good, but mind-blowing story, then this is for you, because this story is a little f##ked up, but in a good way.

I loved Amnesia: The Dark Descent and I think Soma was just as amazing in terms of psychological horror. I loved this story a lot and it’s one I still think about because it made that much of an impact.

Have you guys ever played Soma?


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