Review: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

I love the Devil May Cry series and I’m so glad they have it for PlayStation 4, especially the Special Edition. This is one of my favorite Devil May Cry games and I am going to tell you all about it.

There is so much that I could talk about with Devil May Cry 4 but I’m going to keep it short and give you all the details.

First off, I missed those sexy fighting scenes. They give me goosebumps every time, especially the opening fight scene with Dante and Nero.


Overall, Devil May Cry 4 is a fighting/shooter adventure game that released in 2008 with the story separated by missions and a score board. If you do the tutorial mode, you will get the basic movement and fighting skills and using these skills will add up to combos and the more combos, the better your score.

The enemies aren’t too bad, especially the bosses. The bosses movements are easy to study so you can have the overall advantage and usually once you defeat a boss, you would get a key item that will help you throughout the game. Make sure to level up your movements and fighting skills and it will give you more combos and a higher score.

Love that punk rock soundtrack and the graphics are a lot better since this is a Special Edition. You can also play as Vergil, Trish, and Lady in their stories. Legendary Dark Night mode is also a thing and let me tell you, it is brutal. There are a lot more enemies and they are nasty. Bonus costumes and skins are added as well so you can choose what you want your character to wear before the story starts and they are compatible with the cutscenes.

With this Special Edition, there are a lot of improvements in both the gameplay and the cutscenes and it looks gorgeous. The fighting styles are more fluid and the high-resolution textures make this game look so perfect.

If you have not played Devil May Cry 4, I definitely recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

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