Video Games Old but Gold #3: MX Unleashed

More childhood memories~

This was one of the funniest games growing up, especially in multiplayer mode.

MX Unleashed is a motorcross racing game that came out around 2004 and my brother and I would play this game at our cousin’s house for the Xbox on the weekends.

This game was hilarious back in the day because my brother and I would always try to fly in the air and do some tricks before we fell and it was just funny the way the biker would fall off his bike. We would also run into each other or run into buildings and whatnot.

We didn’t care about winning races, we just wanted to fall off our bike or fly in the air.

So I found this picture on IGN and all of the nostalgia hit me all at once.


Just look at those beautiful graphics and how funny that biker is laying on the ground. I bet my childhood me would be laughing so hard right now.

Have you guys ever played MX Unleashed?

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