Review: Blade Kitten

Now, I love to randomly buy free games and this game was one that I curiously got from the Xbox Live Arcade store. I love cats and I thought “Alright, I get to play as a cat-girl from the animes” so why not?

Blade Kitten is a episodic platformer video game based on the webcomic, Blade Kitten. This game released, I think 2010 and it has cell-shaded, anime type graphics.


The game’s plot starts out with the main character, who is a half-human, half-cat bounty hunter named Kit Ballard and her alien companion, Skiffy, set to travel to an alien planet known as Hollow Wish to track down a troublemaker named Terra-Li but instead she uncovers many dark secrets about Hollow Wish. Upon arriving on Hollow Wish, Kit is met with a fellow bounty hunter, Justice Kreel and she blows up Kit’s ship and steals her breaker key, which has information about finding Terra-Li.

The gameplay is an action platformer and Kit has a floating sword called Darque Blade that she can use to attack at close range or larger distances. Kit can also upgrade her Darque Blade and change her outfits with many to choose. There are also dinosaur-like animals called Noots that Kit can ride all around Hollow Wish and these Noots totally remind me of a  Chocobo from Final Fantasy.

This game was actually pretty short with only about 13 levels, I finished this game in about 6 hours and it was not as challenging as I thought. There were also a lot of glitches and I remember some that got Kit stuck on the walls. Also, I remember it was hard to figure out the difference between the foreground and the background so I didn’t know if I could jump here or jump there.




Besides the numerous glitches and incredibly short game, I thought this game was okay. The visuals were really pretty  and the character development was awesome, but the game wasn’t too challenging, the enemies were easy and the plot kinda got dull as you kept playing so I’m kinda glad I got this for free.

I do love the webcomic though and I think it’s really interesting and the art is lively and unique.

Have you guys ever played Blade Kitten or even read the webcomic?


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