Cards Against Humanity: Mass Effect Pack Now Available!

If you love Cards Against Humanity AND Mass Effect, you’ll definitely love this new expansion pack~

For those that do not know what Cards Against Humanity is, it is a card game that is for 18+ players and the black cards will have a question or a sentence with a blank and the white cards will have a offending or hilarious answer and who ever has the funniest or the best question/answer combo wins.

The Mass Effect pack will have a set of 14 new cards, co-written by BioWare.


I’m actually really interested in this. I love Cards Against Humanity and it is definitely a game that you would play with good friends and delicious whiskey.


If you already have Cards Against Humanity or if you don’t, then the Mass Effect pack is only $1 USD including shipping and handling while supplies last on “”, yeah, the website itself will probably give you an idea on what the expansion is about.

What do you guys think about the new expansion pack?

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