There is a Luigi’s Mansion Arcade in Hiroshima, Japan?!?!

I love traveling to Hiroshima on the weekends and I normally find different arcades to go to. While walking around the roads and shopping areas, I finally found an arcade with lots of games and my body was ready.

While walking through the many games in the room, I’ve noticed this Luigi’s Mansion Arcade game in Japanese and all I could think of was that this is real life and I started crying because I did not know this was real until I found it. Never would have crossed my mind that Luigi’s Mansion could be an arcade game.Upon entering the arcade game, I’ve noticed the bright colors and the portraits on the wall like in the video game and there were two of the Poltergust, so you can play multiplayer with your friends and this game is a 1st person rail shooter so it’s set on a destination and all you have to do is shine the light at the ghosts and then suck them in the Poltergust.



You use the Poltergust 3000 vacuum with two hands like Luigi so if you’re right-handed like me, your left hand would be on the flashlight button and your right hand would be on the trigger to suck in the ghosts. The game starts out in Professor E. Gadd’s lab as Luigi in 1st person and you take the modified Poltergust 5000 (This arcade game is set in Luigi’s Mansion 2 or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3Ds) and that’s when the game would tell you how to use the Poltergust but it was in Japanese so I had to learn during the actual gameplay which is fine for me. Gameplay wise, this arcade is definitely based on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon with the same locations, enemies, and music.



This arcade was incredibly fun and a little spooky since it was in 1st person but it was cool to actually experience Luigi’s Mansion by playing with the Poltergust vacuums. I’ve played this with other friends and they thought it was cool too. Despite the game being in Japanese, I loved it so much and cried while I was playing it.

If you ever go to Japan, definitely check this out. This arcade didn’t come out until 2015 so it’s fairly new. Still worth it and I will always go back to Hiroshima to play it.


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