Finding the Stones of Barenziah in Skyrim Walkthrough

I came up with a post about finding the Stones of Barenziah in Skyrim because I know I had struggles with this side quest on Xbox 360 and I finally finished it on PlayStation 4 so here is a quick walkthrough of this particular quest.

I want to help other gamers find these stones and finally finish this side quest, so I will tell you how to start and complete the quest and where to find the Stones of Barenziah around Skyrim.

This side quest is called “No Stone Unturned” and in order to start this quest, you must find one of the Unusual Gems in any of the areas I will list below.


If you are NOT in the Thieves Guild: Travel to Riften and take the Unusual Gem to Maul, a Nord thief and he will tell you what he knows about the stone and will tell you to take the stone to Vex of the Thieves Guild to see how much the stones are worth. If you want to join the Thieves Guild, Maul will suggest you talk to Brynjolf and he will be in the Riften Marketplace during the day and The Bee and The Barb at night. Talking to Brynjolf will start the quest “A Chance Arrangement” and this will help you get into the Thieves Guild.

If you are already in the Thieves Guild: Speak to Vex in the Ragged Flagon and she will tell you the story of a thief that stole one of the 24 Stones of Barenziah from the Queen of Barenziah to cover up some tracks he made. Vex will also mention that in order for the stones to be worth anything, you must complete the set of the 24 stones.

Now this will begin the quest to find the 24 Stones of Barenziah and they are scattered all around Skyrim so I will tell you where they are based on the Holds they are in and there are no markers on the map so I made it a little bit easier for some locations.


Eastmarch Hold:

Ansilvund Burial Chambers


Windhelm – House of Clan Shatter-Shield

Windhelm – Palace of the Kings in Jarl’s Quarters

Stony Creek Cave

Falkreath Hold:

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Pinewatch Bandit’s Sanctuary

Sunderstone Gorge


Haafingar Hold:

Dainty Sload

Solitude – Blue Palace in Jarl’s Quarters

Solitude – Proudspire Manor

Reeking Cave

Hjaalmarch Hold:

Rannveig’s Fast


The Reach:

Dead Crone Rock


Markarth – Treasury House

Markarth- Understone Keep in the Dwemer Museum

The Rift:

Black-Briar Lodge

Riften – Mistveil Keep in the Jarl’s Quarters


Dragonsreach in the Jarl’s Quarters

Fellglow Keep

Jorrvaskr Living Quarters (This is where I found the 1st stone)

Whiterun Hall of the Dead Catacombs


College of Winterhold in the Arch-Mage’s Quarters

Hob’s Fall Cave



Yngvild in the Throne Room

Once you have all 24 Stones of Barenziah, return to Vex in the Ragged Flagon and she will tell you to go to Tolvald’s Cave to retrieve the Crown of Barenziah. This cave will have many traps and lots of Falmer and Chaurus so I suggest getting lots of potions and food and checking your surroundings.

When you get the Crown of Barenziah, head back to Vex and she will keep the Crown as a trophy, the side quest is complete, and you will be rewarded with the “Prowler’s Profit” perk, which from what I know will increase your chance of finding more gems in chests, urns, and corpses. Also, the higher level you are, the more Flawless gems you can get.


I hope this will help the gamers out there that are still struggling with this quest because I know I would leave this quest in my journal entry and it would collect some type of computerized dust but I finally finished it and I’m happy.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to comment below or message me on my email.


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