Review: Inside

Time for a review about a video game called Inside and this is a game that followed up on a really successful game in 2010 called Limbo.

Now I’ve played Playdead’s Limbo and that game was pretty amazing being a 2D sidescroller plus it was just in black and white so it gave an eerie atmosphere along with minimal sounds and lighting. Sure, I died a lot because of some of the puzzles but overall, I thought of Limbo as a video game in an art form, even if there were buzz saws and deadly traps. It was beautiful and simple.

This review is about Playdead’s Inside that I got last year for the PC on Steam (Also for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4). I didn’t know anything about it. I just knew it was made by the creators of Limbo so I figured that this game would be just as good.wp-1487303423287.jpeg

Inside is a 2D puzzle Platformer with the same ambience and eerie atmosphere as Limbo but with a little more colors and gorgeous art and animation. I’m not too sure of the story of this game but I do know that you play as a little boy, running through the forest from masked guards and dogs that will lead you to an empty farm with parasitic infected pigs that cause them to go rampant. Then you go to a city full of zombie-like people walking in a line towards a factory. While traveling through these areas, you will find these mind-controlling helmets to solve puzzles by using the people’s bodies in the background.


As I know, there are two endings, the first one is the ending that you get when you just go through the game like normal and the second ending or the ‘alternate ending’ is what you get when you deactivate these orbs located in the areas that you travel through. Clearly these endings are left in interpretation since this is a “silent game” so there are many theories about both endings and even the story itself.


Overall, Inside is incredibly gorgeous and I just love starting a game with no story or plot because you’re left with the interpretation of what this game is about so you just move forward and do the puzzles hoping to find some type of secret or motive as to why this boy started out in the woods and got to where he is now.

Also, I do know that there is a Playdead bundle on PlayStation 4 for both Limbo and Inside so if you’ve never play Limbo, I do recommend it and I also recommend Inside as well. They are both really beautiful games and the intricate puzzles and amazing gameplay will leave you speechless.

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