My Favorite Childhood Video Game~

Ah, memories~

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land was one of my favorite games as a kid since I got a more child appropriate console for my age which was the Game Boy Advance and this game was the first game I got for it. I remember getting a Game Boy Advance for Christmas along with this and a few other games.

That was years ago obviously but now I’m going to tell you why this was my favorite video game as a kid.


I remember the pixels in this game like it was yesterday. If I had this game in my hands right now, I would probably bawl my eyes out.

I would actually binge on this game as a kid. The levels were colorful, it wasn’t that hard to die and the enemies were pretty easy. I used to love sucking in the enemies just to see what power I would get and the music was the best. I just love listening to the soundtracks in a game. Plus my little brother would play this game with me as well and we would have all types of fun, especially the “Hot Potato” game where you use a pan to smack a bomb to the other player, back and forth until the time ran out or until you missed.


The multiplayer races were fun too, I honestly remember this game like I just played it yesterday. So much nostalgia. The bosses were my favorite. I don’t know what it was about them but they were different and fun to destroy as a kid. I would always go back to a level just to defeat the boss again.

I think I’m going to look for this game out in Japan. I know they have a copy of it somewhere. I just want to play it again.

/cries in nostalgia


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