Review: Journey

Hello, everyone and I’ve been having a lot of time on my hands and here is a quick review I think you might enjoy~

I got this game for Free from PlayStation Plus around August or September 2016, I think and I’m a sucker for free games so I decided to give this a shot.


Starting this game at first, I was wondering around the desert ruins just running along, hoping for a threat or something to happen but I kept moving forward and this game is so beautiful and very mysterious and I’m just finding out what the plot is or if there is any story to it and I have to discover the secret of the mountain with the light gleaming from it.

The movement is fluid and all you really do is run, jump, and fly and to jump and fly you have to recharge your scarf with other pieces of glowing scarf around the areas. The more pieces of scarf you collect, the farther you can glide out and you can tell your scarf if charged because the symbols on your scarf glows white.



The environment is incredible and I cried the entire game because it’s just so beautiful and truly amazing. The only threat in this game is getting caught by flying stone dragons and it’s pretty easy to get by them but overall, you have to make your way to the mountain through sand dunes, mysterious ruins, and even a blizzard!

The score for this game is actually Grammy-nominated and I thought the music was beautiful. This game was pretty short but it was truly breathtaking and I felt so emotional because I felt a strong connection with this character even though I do not know them at all and I wanted to go through this journey with them until the end and I did and I have never cried and felt so many different emotions in a video game before.

Guys, I definitely recommend this game, like, it truly is breathtaking. If you’re looking for a non-threatening game, something that’s chill and fun to play then definitely get this game. It’s worth it, I promise.

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