Review: Enter The Gungeon

Hello, everyone~

Time for another review!

Enter the Gungeon is another PlayStation 4 game that caught my eye and it is a 3rd person, Indie game with lots of shooting and violence and cute, pixel-like characters (which is my favorite type of genre).

This game is one of my favorites. I absolutely love it and this review is suggested from one of my best friends back in the US, so here it is!


Enter The Gungeon is a gun-fighting, dungeon crawler with different characters that have one thing in common and that is to reach the ultimate legendary Gungeon’s treasure: A gun that can kill the past. Pretty legit, right?

You can select between 4 characters or “Gungeoneers”and these are the characters that will explore the Gungeon. These characters are The Convict, The Hunter, The Marine, and The Pilot. Clearly these characters have a motive for getting a gun that can kill the past and these characters won’t hesitate to roll through a wall of bullets or dive across an open floor of spikes.


The characters can run, shoot, dodge roll, loot chests for new weapons and items, and flip tables for defense. The enemies in this game are called “Gundead” and they are honestly so dangerously adorable that I wanted to hug them first then kill them. The bosses are extremely fearsome and armed with most dangerous weapons. They require a lot of dodging in order to stay alive.

NOTE: Once you proceed through the game there are 5 levels. If you die in the 2nd level, you have to start all over from the 1st level again and again until you reach the end of the 5th level. All of your items and weapons will be gone and the game will basically restart but the levels have a different map and enemies every time.

Every level is different and they get harder every time with new weapons, enemies and obstacles to overcome. The currency in this game, in order to buy something from the shopkeep, are silver and gold bullets that the Gundead drop and you can use those to buy health, chest keys, weapons, and some weird, but legit items.

This game at first reminded me of Dark Souls (Maybe because I died a lot), and it is incredibly addicting. Love the 8-bit style soundtrack and the cute enemies this game has and overall, I love this game and highly recommend it to those that are looking for this type of game. It’s pretty legit and you just need to “Git Gud” in order to win.

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  1. Haha that’s good to know. Those are the best kind of indie titles 😛

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