Review: Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (2016)

I found this in the PlayStation store and I’m thinking, “The title seems familiar.” and then I realize that this is a title of a book I read recently and then it clicked in my head…


Apparently, there is a 2009 version of this video game and I have to check it out but I’m going to give you guys a quick review of the 2016 version of this game.


The Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders is a 3rd Person, Point and Click investigative adventure game that features the famous detective Hercule Poirot from the Agatha Christie novel and the game starts out as Hercule and his partner, Hastings hanging out in their office until the post man comes and delivers them a letter from a mysterious person called “ABC”. This game is set in the United Kingdom and mostly in London and the graphics reminded me of a ‘TellTale’ game, kinda. The way this game progresses is in percentage and if you beat the game the first time, you get 100%.

The decisions you make in this game changes the story so there are many different endings but I always get the first ending with my gut instincts. There are also a lot of intricate puzzles, some hard and some easy, most of them with codes. Investigating is easy and you don’t have to search too much so the glasses icon would pop up and that’s all you would have to investigate before Hercule takes you to the next objective.



The character moves really slow but I would expect it because it is an investigative game and you don’t want to miss any evidence. There are a lot of letters and documents to find and Hercule automatically reads them and by the way, he also reads the addresses in the letter, including any zip codes. I’ve also noticed some grammatical errors in this game as well.

I finished this game in about 6 hours so it’s pretty short but it’s a good game overall. I was immersed in the investigating, the puzzles and interrogating the witnesses and suspects. I really liked this game overall. I love investigative games like this. I get really interested.

If you really love investigative video games then I would recommend this one. It’s quick and to the point. Also, if you’re a reader like me as well, I recommend Agatha Christie’s novel, “The ABC Murders”. The game is based off this book and the book is amazing. I truly loved it.


This is what the book looks like for the readers out there~

Have any of you played this game or even read the book and if so, did you like it?


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