My Experience at the Hiroshima Pokemon Center in Japan

Guys… This place is real and I cried so much and acted like a complete child, looking through the Pokemon plushies and the merchandise. Wonderful place, so much nostalgia just flowing through my tears.

My experience was truly amazing. So much stuff and dolls and just amazingness. I fell in love with this place as soon as I found out about it.

There’s Pokemon socks, cups, bags, t-shirts, umbrellas, key chains, stationary, towels, shoes, food, electronics, figures and an entire wall of Pokemon dolls that made me cry because I wanted them all. There were also TVs around the place so you can watch Pokemon movies or the TV show or whatever was playing at the time and I totally would’ve brought popcorn.

There are huge Pokemon dolls on the top shelf and the normal sized dolls. All the Eevee evolutions are there and there are cute sleeping Pokemon dolls, fuzzy Pokemon dolls, and Pokemon with Ditto’s face. My favorite Pokemon is Gengar so I had to get a Gengar doll and I cried with joy like a child. There’s also the Pikachus wearing the Legendary Pokemon’s ponchos and I have a Pikachu wearing a Lugia poncho.

The Pokemon Center also has a Pokken Tournament arcade game in the corner so you can play by yourself or with other people in VS Mode. It’s a super fun, fighting game and I obviously played as Gengar, battling with the Japanese kids.

I found out about this from a poster I found outside the building and I acted like a total child just running up the stairs to get there. It’s amazing and everything is reasonably priced. The cashiers were extremely nice and when you were done paying for everything, there was a game where you spin a wheel to get a free prize so you would spin and get either a silver or gold token. The prizes are different every month but when I went, the silver token was a folder and the gold token was a tote bag.

Totally worth it. There are other Pokemon Centers around Japan but the Hiroshima one is closer and I do plan on finding the others around Japan.

Have any of you been to a Pokemon Center in the United States or in a different country?

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