Review: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

Time for another video game review~

I’ve been having a lot of time on my hands so let me tell you about Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessnes.

This game was on sale on for the PlayStation 4 and I figured that I haven’t played a Star Ocean game since forever so I wanted to check it out.


I played about 20 hours of this game so far and it is an okay game. Not the best kind of Star Ocean game I’ve played forever ago. The game starts out with a short tutorial with an option of whether you want to do it or not and it’s just your basic fighting techniques. Before starting the plot, I found out that you can only talk to the cats, not pet them.

Once you actually progress through the game, you learn that the characters are kinda dull and I didn’t learn a whole lot about them. They’re not expressive and I feel like they’re zombies forced into a video game. The story, to me, was alright. The plot was legit but it was really slow to me. Usually, the game would progress you through the story by fast traveling to the next scene, but instead, you run back and forth and back and forth and it gets incredibly boring, having to go to one area for a 3 minute cutscene just to run back, fight all the enemies again and go to the next area in the plot.

The fighting style in this game is my favorite. I actually love going up to the enemies and fighting them because there are always different moves to learn and more powerful weapons to buy, which is a MUST in this game if you want to defeat the enemies in the next area. You can also control the characters that join your party so if the first person you controlled dies, you can switch to another character and revive them.

NOTE: If everyone in your party dies, the game goes to a GAME OVER screen and takes you to the Main Title Screen, which will only load you back to the last time you saved at a save point, therefore, there’s no auto-saving so you gotta save more often!

I like to listen to the soundtrack of every video game I play and I will tell you that the soundtrack is always upbeat when it comes to battling, so I love that. As long as the soundtrack gets me in the mood to play, that’s a plus for me. The places you go and the environment are really detailed and beautiful. The map is kinda big and you get to find chests around the area. I actually love going around the towns to talk to people and buy potions.

In summary, besides the lifeless characters and the slow traveling system they got going with the plot, I’m okay with this game. It’s not good and it’s not bad. I’m a story type of person when it comes to video games so if the story is dull and makes me feel bored, then I kinda don’t like it. I truly love the fighting style, the soundtrack and the scenery in this game and that’s what made it good.

If any of you played this game, what do you think about it? 

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