Thrift Shop Goodies #2

Hello, everyone!

I went to the thrift shop again and I found two more items~

The cool thing about the thrift shop I go to is that they always have new items everyday and I always find something that I get excited about so I got Final Fantasy X for $1 and a small Pikachu plush for 50 cents.


The Final Fantasy X is in English but the PlayStation 2 I have now is in Japanese. PlayStation is region locked, so I’m a little sad but hey, I have the English version of the game now and once I go back to the US, I can play it on my PS2 there but it’s also a good collection piece to add to the rest of my games.

The Pikachu plush is so cute. I can put it on my bed with the rest of my plushies and sleep more peacefully now.

I just love thrift shopping. I find amazing and nostalgic things and I just get too excited plus it’s all cheap so I get to save money. I know these posts are short and sweet but I love sharing what I get and I hope you guys enjoying shopping at a thrift shop as much as I do.

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