Review: Transformers Devastation

Time for another video game review, friends!

This one is about Transformers Devastation that I got for free from PlayStation Plus, I think in September 2016 so I was like “why not?”

I played it, beat it, and surprisingly really enjoyed it.

It was a pretty short game, I finished it in less than 12 hours. The game play and graphics were really good and the story line was your average Transformers story; Megatron tries to take over the world and the Autobots have to stop him, but in this story, Megatron takes over the Insecticons to cyberform the Earth and turn it into a new Cybertron, which I thought was awesome.

There were 7 chapters which consisted of sub-missions such as fighting Insecticons and Constructicons, or finding items to fix a generator. You could also fight in vehicle mode which I thought was pretty cool. The fighting style was a “hack and slash” type of style so you could either fight with a sword, hammer, gun, or even a flamethrower. Plus the dodging attacks kinda reminded me of Bayonetta because time slows down for a couple of seconds when you successfully dodge.

There were options to play as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and even Grimlock (He turns into a T-Rex) and other characters and you can switch and upgrade their weapons and change out characters whenever you wanted to in the Save menu.

I loved the soundtrack. It was your heavy rock type of music that set the mood when it came to battling the Decepticons. Absolutely loved it. (I’m listening to the Battle Theme right now).

Even the Megatron Boss battle was pretty intense.

Playing Transformers Devastation was the best decision I made (even though it was free) and I really liked it a lot. Incredibly nostalgic. I hope you guys liked this short and sweet review of the game and try it out for yourselves as well.

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