Thrift Shop Goodies #1

Good evening from Japan or Konbanwa (which is ‘Good Evening’ in Japanese).

I thought of an idea to make a “Thrift Shop Goodies” category because I do find a lot of cheap finds at the thrift shop and I do want to share my finds and tell you what I think. I love collecting video games, especially really old ones that I can get my hands on.

I just went to the thrift shop this morning because I was bored and it has been a while since I’ve been so I’m going to show you the awesome things I found. I got two video games for 50 cents each so I only spent a dollar today. I found Sonic R and Grand Theft Auto III, both for the PC.




I saw these games and I just wish I could play them because they’re pretty old, especially the Sonic R game (Plus it’s in English, instead of Japanese). It’s really cool that I found them because as soon as I saw the games and found out they were 50 cents each, I literally cried in excitement.

I think I’m going to buy a bookshelf pretty soon because as much as I do go to the thrift shop, I do find a lot of cheap video games and really good ones at that. Some are in Japanese and some in English. Video game consoles run cheap as well and I will do a post about the video game consoles I got later on.

This is amazing. I’m so happy, these games give me so much nostalgia just looking at them. Now I’m going to stare at them and add them to my collection later. They’re so beautiful. I just love this so much…

/cries in joy

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