Review: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Hello, friends!

If you love Final Fantasy like I do, then I recommend this free mobile game for both iOS and Android. This game is perfect for those craving an older style Final Fantasy game and a game that has an interesting story, interactive team creation, monthly events, a huge map with towns to explore and shop in, and CHOCOBOS!! (“I want to ride my Chocobo all day” Singing like Prompto)


The graphics, movement, and fighting style are in the likeness of Final Fantasy IV but have characters past IV and beyond such as Noctis from Final Fantasy XV and Fran from Final Fantasy XII so you have many options of character sprites but they are randomized in the ‘Summon’ section of the menu and to get the characters you must use Lapis that you get from completing side missions for certain quests or Rare Summon Tickets that you get as you progress in the game.


The fighting style is pretty fun as you press on the characters you want to attack and also (as in other older Final Fantasy games), you wait a couple of seconds after the enemy hits before your turn again. Another cool thing about the battle system is when your character Limit Breaker is glowing, you swipe left and you can attack with the Limit Breaker or you can choose any magic that character possesses and if your character is low on health, swipe right to pick and choose potions. There is a Friends List as well so you can add friends using a code and use them to help you in battles from time to time.

After playing at least 8 hours of this game (on a charger and Wi-Fi, of course), this game gave me so much nostalgia and the story is very interesting. I love this game a lot and it’s one of the mobile games I always play while waiting for food at a fast food restaurant (with Wi-Fi).

*For faster downloading, Wi-Fi is recommended and to connect to the game, you must have Wi-Fi or some type of connection*

Hopefully this short and sweet review was helpful to those finding a new mobile game for those on the go and Chocobos.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns about this game, feel free to comment below.

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