LootGaming Unboxing: Mad Science

Hello again, friends!

I decided to post a review about my LootGaming subscription I get once a month and January 2017’s theme is called ‘Mad Science’. I’ve been getting the LootGaming subscription for almost a year now and I just love the surprises. Also thought since it’s the first box of the year, I might as well do an Unboxing blog about what I got.

By the way, in case some of you don’t know, LootGaming is by LootCrate, which is a monthly, nerdy subscription box full of goodies such as a t-shirt, a figure and about three or four other things as well. The LootGaming box comes with everything video games and it’s about $29.99 a month (plus shipping) so definitely check it out, I will have a link for the official website below.

Now, down to business~

At first when I saw “Mad Science”, I thought of Rick and Morty for a sec but I was not disappointed when I opened the box because the inside was lined with Companion Cube and I got really excited, flailing my arms and whatnot.

The first item I received was a Resident Evil 7 Biohazard tee and I have yet to play Resident Evil 7 but I was super stoked about getting a t-shirt of it just because I do love the Resident Evil games and I am still waiting on my Biohazard copy so I can maybe do a review on it. The t-shirt is very comfortable and it’s black so it goes with everything I wear.

The next item was a Portal Companion Cube neck tie and that’s when the tomboy side of me came out and I thought of many different outfits I would wear with this. The tie is very sleek and shiny and the little Companion Cubes are so cute. I would definitely wear this and I’m so excited I got it.

The third item was a small box that had the logo ‘Psychonauts’ and all types of nostalgia kicked me and punched me until I opened the box and took out a pair of goggles, which are the ones Raz wears (Raz is the main character of Psychonauts). I thought it was some Steampunk type of thing, which obviously goes with the ‘Mad Science’ theme. The goggles do not have UV protection (which I’m sad about), but I could wear them for fun or for a cosplay someday, who knows.

The fourth item in the box had a small box with Proto Man’s  helmet all over it (and yet again, more memories from Mega Man 3) and inside was a little stand and Proto Man’s helmet, which is so cool because I can put it up with my other LootGaming figures I have and it’s small so it fits on my shelf.

The last item of the LootGaming box is a poster of a woman that had a “Mad Science” kinda vibe. I like it and will definitely hang it up with the others because LootGaming now sends posters with every box so my walls will be covered.

Loved this box and everything in it, LootGaming boxes are the best type of surprise you can get especially if you are a huge nerd like me so definitely check out the LootCrate website for more~ (This is not sponsored by the way, I just really love LootGaming boxes.)


If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to give me a shout or just comment below.


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